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2000 - 2001 Gondoliers

W.S. Gilbert & A.S. Sullivan

One of two just-married gondoliers is the King of Barataria, but no one knows which one. As Barataria needs a king to put down unrest in the country, they travel there to reign jointly, leaving their wives behind. A fine romp, with lots of bright music and dancing.

Opening on the 7th of December, 1899, The Gondoliers ran for 544 performances at the Savoy Theatre.

This will be the second time CMS has mounted this G&S favourite. The first time was 1986.

For the year 2001, our directors are:
Drew Kemp (drama)
Jean-Marie Kent (music)
Jo Kelly (choreography)

Gondoliers poster

Poster by Erin Chard