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2007 - 2008
Broadway Idol

February 1, 2, 3, 2008, Cowichan Theatre
February 9, 10, 2008, Port Theatre, Nanaimo

Broadway Idol, like its TV twin, could just as easily be called “THE BIG AUDITION”! Here on our stage, a group of individuals gather before a panel of three judges to do their ‘number’ and hopefully get chosen to be in this up-coming show called Broadway Idol. The clash of egos, the hilarious ‘boo-boo’s’, the ‘nerves’, the excitement and the sheer joy of auditioning for a show are all here! You’ll laugh till you cry, reminisce as you take a trip down memory lane and be shocked and amazed at the display of our very own valley talent appearing on our stage. You’ll love it; and you’ll tell your friends to come and see “Broadway Idol.”

Consultant: David E. Walden
Since coming to the valley, David has written the music scores for Midsummer Night's Dream and Twelfth Night that played at the “bard@brentwood.” He directed the Shawnigan Players in the Christmas pantomime - Snow White, and music-directed his partner - Greg Finnegan's smash-hit success The Ballymore Reel, produced by the Mercury Players last spring. He is currently working on the soundscape for Greg Finnegan's play - The Wailing in the Wings - which opens in February at the Mercury Theatre and is a tribute to the Nancy Drew and Enid Blyton girl adventure books. He teaches singing, piano, theory and composition but is referred to as "retired"!

Cliff Braaten, Steve Bradshaw, Craig Bunn, Rose Bunting, Jan Carter, Jim Cleough, Trish Dandy, Kelsey Foote, Terri Foote, Claire Friedrich, Josiah George, Elvin Hedden, Ken Hiles, Elaine Jones, Anne Martin, Alison McEwan, Ken McEwan, Marisa McLennan, Meara Mulholland, Suzanne Murray, Martin Pariseau, Marion Priestley, Trish Rankin, Maria Ridewood, Mark Ridewood, Edith Strocen, Georgie Weeks Heyd, Leila Wilson, Emily Yarnold

Jennifer George, Theodore Lassche, Robert Sullivan

Carlson’s Dancers
Madeline Faubert, Shannon Rehsler, Loni Titus, Ricki-Lee Bronson, Krista Schmidt, Tiernan Schneider