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1997 - 1998 Brigadoon

Directed by
Gregg Perry (Drama)
Devan Bailey (Music)
Bea Salmond (Choreography)

Director's Notes:

"Brigadoon celebrated its 50th year when we started rehearsals for this production. Remarkably, the show continues to inspire its audiences because it touches several points of deep longing within our souls. It reminds us that true and enduring love is possible even though the separation of time and space; and it inspires us to develop that depth of love in our own relationships. Brigadoon also presents to us a world that is simple and bright, in touch with important celebrations of life, and free from much of the strife and haste of the world today. As Mr. Lundie says, Many people out there would love to have a Brigadoon; and many of us find that idealistic hope stirred by this musical. Finally, Brigadoon gives us genuine entertainment and great music that lifts our hearts at no ones expense except the efforts of the cast, who delight to present this work of love to you. (Remember that amateurs are people who do something because they love it, and that is true of our cast.) Thanks for your continuing support of the Cowichan Musical Society by your attendance. As you leave the theatre, remember that if you love something or someone enough, anything is possible -- even miracles."

Brigadoon Poster

(Programme artwork by Jennifer Lawson & Cim MacDonald)